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Our company entered the joinery business in 1991. From the very beginning our main goal fulfilling the needs of our demanding clients.


      Professionalism of our workers is crucial for us. Years of experience in PVC joinery business allowed us to select qualified employees,  which sell, produce and install our windows and door.

      Today Marsel Ltd., a producer of  PVC and ALU joinery, is recognized and respected not only at home (Poland) but also abroad. CE certificates and Quality Certificates granted by profile, fittings and glass suppliers, guarantee the high quality of our products.

      Marsel Ltd. windows made of  plastics as well as of aluminum, are characterized by high quality. That guarantees long usage without malfunctioning. The prices can be negotiated after long term cooperation and/or after completion of complex orders.


We are looking forward to doing business with you.

MARSEL Sp. z o.o.
ul. I Brygady Legionów 13
72-100 Goleniów / Szczecin
tel. 91 46 67 800, fax 91 46 67 801