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Poducent okien

CT 70

Outside front door plastic system (PVC-U) Corona CT 70, with pad seals, is based on 3- chamber profile. Proper heat insulation and narrow external profile are characteristic features of the system.

CORONA CT 70 door- advantages :

High level of heat insulation (threshold with thermal spacer).

Primary profile depth 70 mm 3

Chamber profile gives optimal heat-insulting properties

Inside and outside pad seals 

Eye-catching contours with slightly highlighted shapes and bending (visible on a profile surface).

If necessary, the current architectural style may be preserved. A great variety of glass-mounted strips (attractive design).

Optimal ratio of thermal properties to durability

Modern light-gray EPDM seals mounted in white profiles, black  EPDM seals in veneer profiles

Non-faced window profiles

Invisible dehydrating holes

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